How to Make Quick & Easy DIY Mason Jar Crafts in Under...

How to Make Quick & Easy DIY Mason Jar Crafts in Under an Hour!


In love with mason jar crafts? If you need some DIY projects to make with your mason jars, here’s a great list you can try out. From mason jar light to recipes, you won’t run out of ideas for your next craft project.

Mason Jar Crafts | Cool DIY Projects

I just love all the craft projects you can do with mason jars. That’s also the reason why I always keep a few pieces in our home all the time. Whenever I look for new DIY home decor ideas or craft projects, I always keep an eye out at what mason jar project I can work on. They’re fast and easy to make. They also make great gift ideas too. So if you’re looking for a cool DIY project you can make with your mason jar in under an hour, here are some amazing ideas you can try.


1. Mason Jar Prism Candle Light

Decorated Mason Jar Craft |

Need some mood lighting? With this simple mason jar craft, your light will take on a brand new shape! Add a few of these jars around your room and enjoy the dreamy star-like effect it gives off when illuminated. Click here to read more!


2. Mason Jar with Blue Patina

DIY Mason Jar Decorations |

Create an antique effect by applying patina to your mason jar. This will make a great home decor! Check it out here.


3. Easy DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

Easy DIY Mason Jar Crafts and Ideas |

A mason jar craft you can hang in your patio or backyard. It’s perfect for outdoor events or if you just want to create a great ambiance. Click here to read more!


4. Spring Mason Jar Vases

Cheap DIY Mason Jar Crafts |

A perfect living room decor or gift idea. Make these adorable mason jar vases with some mod podge and fabric. The project only takes a few minutes but you may need a few hours to let everything dry. Get the tutorial here.


5. Mason Jar Chalkboard Candle

DIY Painted MAson Jar Ideas |

Light up someone’s life with cool DIY project. Write uplifting words or a short quote on this mason jar light. Click here to read more!


6. DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Easy DIY Mason Jar Uses |

Easy to make and easy to refill. Get the instructions here.


7. Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Easy Mason Jar Craft |

Go vintage with this easy mason jar lighting project that uses olive oil as fuel. Click here to read more!


8. Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shaker

DIY Mason Jar Ideas for the Kitchen |

A creative mason jar project you can use around the kitchen. Check it out here.


9. Mason Jar Cookie M&M Cookie Recipe

Easy Mason Jar Cookies |

The perfect gift for someone who bakes or just enjoys a little sweet treat. Click here to read more!


10. Mason Jar Memories

Easy and Cheap Mason Jar Ideas |

Photos are not the only way to capture memories. Take something back from your every trip and store your memories in a jar. See it here.


11. Mason Jar Terrarium

DIY Mason jar Terrarium Designs |

A DIY terrarium that requires no watering. The perfect accent for your desk or make a few and turn it into an amazing centerpiece. Click here to read more!


12. Button Jars DIY

DIY Mason Jar Organizer |

Add a little accent before you use your mason jars to organize you craft supplies. Get the tutorial here.


13. Mason Jar Pendant Light

DIY Mason Jar Light Crafts |

Want to create a vintage look in your home? Try making these easy mason jar pendant lights. Click here to read more!


14. DIY Mason Jar Reclaimed Wood Wall Hanging

DIY Mason Jar Organization Ideas |

Home decor or storage idea, hang this mason jar project any where in your home. Get the instructions here.


15. DIY Mason Jar Survival Kit

DIY Mason Jar Gifts |

Need a quick and easy DIY gift? Make a survival kit for anyone. Give it to mom, dad or someone who just needs a little pick me up. Click here to read more!


16. Mason Jar Sewing Kits

DIY Mason Jar Storage Ideas |

Mason jars are perfect for a little DIY organization. Store your sewing items and take it to the next level by transforming the lids into pin cushions. Get the steps here.


17. Mason Jar Salads

Mason Jar DIY Salad Recipes |

Are you also a fan of make-ahead food you can prep a week ahead? Check out these easy and healthy mason jar salad recipes. Click here to read more!


18. Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Homemade Mason Jar Projects |

Inexpensive and easy to make. Your feathered friends will be thankful you make this craft with mason jars. Get the instructions here.


19. Cakes in a Jar

Mason Jar Food Gift Ideas |

Bake these easy cakes in a jar for an easy dessert idea or a thoughtful gift to your friends and family. Click here to read more!


20. Ombre Distressed Mason Jars

DIY Painted Mason Jar Designs |

A great way to make ordinary mason jars look fabulous. Check it out here.


21. Painted Mason Jar Utensil Holders

DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Organization Ideas |

Never fumble around a messy kitchen drawer for your spoons and spatula when you make this organization project. Click here to read more!


22. Magic Decal Tutorial

Easy Mason Jar Storage Ideas |

A simple DIY project that will have your condiments and other ingredients labeled and organized. Check it out here.


23. Mason Jar Superhero Banks

DIY Mason Jar Craft Project for Kids |

Teach your kids how to be thrifty while having fun with this cool DIY mason jar project. Get the instructions here.


24. How to Plant Herbs in Mason Jars

DIY Mason Jar Projects and Ideas |

Make your herb garden even without the space with this ingenious way on how to plant herbs in mason jars. Check it out here.


25. Mason Jar Aquarium

DIY Mason Jar Decorations |

Why buy when you can make your very own aquarium. Get the steps here.


26. DIY Poured Mason Jar Candles

DIY Mason Jar Candles |

Customize the color and scent of these DIY candles. It’s so cool how you can still put the lid when not in use. Get the tutorial here.