Glowing Oil & Water Experiment

Glowing Oil & Water Experiment

Last year we began making things GLOW using a new glow water that we created using paint.  We have since found all sorts of ways to make play time glow both in the dark and under blacklight.  Some of our favorites have been glowing eruptions, glow in the dark rice, and homemade glowing bouncy balls.  Today, I am excited to add many new glowing activities to our collection beginning with a fun twist on the oil & water experiment.

Glowing Oil & Water Experiment


Glow in the dark experiments for Kids using oil and water

The oil & water experiment is one we have done many times, and it is always a hit.  However, this glow in the dark version was definitely the most amazing!

Glowing oil and water experiment

Glowing Oil & Water Experiment (What you need)

  • Baby oil or vegetable oil
  • Colorful glowing water- you can use glow in the dark paint to make glow in the dark water or fluorescent paint to make water that glows under UV light.  Full tutorial here.  You could also make glow water the way we first shared using highlighters.
  • Pie pan or similar
  • Pipettes or straws

Fill a shallow container with the oil of your choice.  I prefer to use baby oil because it is clear.  Then, set out all the glowing water colors you wish to use.  I love making the glow water the new way.  It allows you to make a whole rainbow of colors, and you can even make glow in the dark water.  We made some glow in the dark and some fluorescent to give us a colorful variety


Glowing oil and water experiment

Now it is time to PLAY!  Have your child use a pipette or small straw to drop the colorful water into the pie pan of oil.


Amazing oil and water experiments for kids
As kids drop the water in the oil it will bead up and create beautiful effects
Amazing glow in the dark experiments for kids
So colorful…
Amazing experiments using oil and water for kids to explore IN THE DARK.  This is seriously so cool!
No matter how much colored water is added the oil and water will not mix
Glowing oil and water experiment

Rosie loves playing and exploring with the liquids and can never resist touching and chasing all the beautiful beads of color


Glowing oil and water experiment

For older kids you can talk in detail about the densities of the two liquids and the Science behind why they do not mix.  I always explain this to Rosie in light detail given her age, and we mostly focus on having FUN!


AMAZING glow in the dark experiments for kids using oil and vinegar.  Now that's FUN Science!

Bonus:  Once kids are done playing you can pour the contents of the pie pan into a tall skinny glass or vase and make a glow in the dark lava lamp!  Two Science experiments in one- TOO FUN!


Kid made glow in the dark lave lamp.  This lava lamp is so fun to make and explores the Science behind liquid densities.  TOO FUN!

Here’s how: Once you have the pie pan mixture poured into a vase all you need is alka seltzer.  We use the generic brand from Dollar Tree, and it works great!  Break 1-2 tablets into pieces, drop it in, and marvel at the beautiful bubbling lamp.  Add more for more bubbles or to get the bubbling going again once it dissipates.

Glowing Oil & Vinegar Experiment for Kids


Now that’s FUN Science
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